April 3rd 2019 I AlpWeek Intermezzo (by invitation only)

The event will start on 3 April 2019 with a discussion (by personal invitation only) on current challenges and future perspectives for the Alpine Region in the fields of land use, climate change and mobility. The outcomes of this exchange will be brought to the attention of the Alpine Conference the following day.

14:00-14:15 Welcome and Introduction

14:20-15:05 Demand 1: Value the landscape – don`t sell it cheap!
Only a small part of the Alpine area is suitable for settlements, infrastructure or intensive agriculture. This leads to permanent conflicts of interests and to threats for the last unique natural reserves. How can we deal with this situation, which is aggravated by a high demand on these areas, in a better way?

15:15-16:00 Demand 2: If you want to tackle climate change, you must do so at all levels
Cooperation at regional and international level can significantly contribute to deeper greenhouse gas emission cuts by multiplying the effect of efforts adopted by individual states, regions, cities or companies. How can action at local level and cooperation be enhanced to reduce emissions as fast as possible?

16:10-16:55 Demand 3: Transfer effective mobility solutions all over the Alps
Due to their topographical and meteorological characteristics, mountain areas are particularly affected by the effects of increasing traffic. The limit of capacity has already been reached in many places. How can new and intelligent modes of transport be further developed to reduce the burden on the population, yet maintain our prosperity, without expanding the road network further?

17:00-17:45 Final plenary discussion and Conclusion

19:00 Official Reception of the Alpine Convention (Hofburg)


April 4th 2019 (public part)

On 4 April, we present keynotes and a project showcase of inspiring stories about “Tomorrow in the Alps”, followed by interactive market stalls.

09:00-09:15 Welcome and Introduction by the Austrian Presidency of the Alpine Convention

09:15-09:50 Keynote 1: Lois Hechenblaikner:
Delirium Alpinum. Sharp images and spicy stories from the mountains

09:55-10:15 Keynote 2: Natael Fautrat
The fabulous tale of the Alps of tomorrow

10:15-11:15 Project pitches in Pecha Kucha style illustrating the story of “Tomorrow in the Alps” and introducing the market stalls

11:15-12:15 Sharing views and discussion over coffee at the market stalls

12:15-13:00 Insights and outlook: Final plenary and concluding poetry slam with Markus Koschuh


Market stalls

 Taking action for a better quality of life in Alpine municipalities!
By using the social planning instrument SPI (Interreg Alpine Space project PlurAlps) the quality of life in municipalities can be captured and improved.
Organiser: Alliance in the Alps

 Green Economy in the Alpine Region
The Alps as pilot region for climate-neutral livelihoods.
Organisers: CIPRA International, blue!, Spatial Foresight

 Strengthen pluralism in the Alpine Space!
Immigration and social diversity as an opportunity for local development. (Interreg Alpine Space project PlurAlps)
Organiser: CIPRA International

 Alpine Partnership for Local Climate Action (ALPACA)
How municipalities can contribute to climate protection and to adaptation to climate change in the Alpine region.
Organisers: CIPRA International, Alpine town of the year, Alliance in the Alps

 One for All – Water conflicts in the Alps as illustrated by the river Inn
Alpine rivers face multiple and often conflicting interests for use and protection. The Inn, which flows through three countries, is a model showcase for conflicts as well as for solution approaches.
Organisers: ISCAR, WWF

 Recognise, preserve and value natural treasures!
Strengthen natural diversity in the Alpine region through the speciAlps and UrbaBio projects and make the experience of nature an everyday experience.
Organisers: CIPRA International, Alpine town of the year, Alliance in the Alps

 Constructing and transforming buildings in the Alps
Newest standard passive houses. Historical buildings in search of a new purpose: Constructive Alps and Tour des Villes unveil the numerous facets of a sustainable approach to construction and to new uses for historical buildings in the Alps.
Organisers: CIPRA International, Alpine town of the year

 What young people expect of a future in the Alps
Projects, such as GaYA (Interreg Alpine Space programme) and Youth Alpine Interrail favour the active involvement of young people in the Alps and help to better understand what counts for young Alpine citizens and visitors. Sustainable and accessible mobility is one of their key demands.
Organisers: Alpine town of the year, CIPRA International

 Protection of unspoiled nature
The campaigns “Soul of the Alps“ and “Our Alps“ highlight the value and importance of unspoiled nature in the Alps – and the risks faced by this unique natural and cultural area.
Organisers: WWF, ÖAV, Naturfreunde Österreich, DAV, AVS

 AlpES webGIS
A tool by Interreg Alpine Space project AlpES for visualising Alpine ecosystem services.
Organiser: ISCAR