Delavnica 26
Raznolikost je super! Priseljevanje v alpskih občinah

Kako lahko alpske občine prevzamejo aktivno vlogo na področju priseljevanja in s tem prispevajo k dobremu sobivanju novih priseljencev in starega prebivalstva?

Migration happens for various reasons. Some search for a new place to live their desired lifestyle, others are invited as skilled workers, yet again others flee their home country. Alpine municipalities change by migration or immigration for any number of reasons. These demographical changes are a huge challenge for municipalities and require adaption of the municipal tasks. Project examples of the Alpine area show possibilities for active participation. On the one hand it is about immigrants where they are needed, on the other enabling rapid integration of various groups immigrantswith the successful involvement of the local population is vital. The session marks the finalization of the two year project „Living. Together in the Alps“, supported by the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention. The results are presented in short form in an exhibition.

Govorci: Oliver Christof, Gemeindeverband Vorarlberg, Giacomo Lombardo, Sindaco Ostana, Pfarrer Jörg Wuttge, Verein AGAPE, Andreas Postner, HTL Rankweil
Voditelj: Gabriele Greussing, Allianz in den Alpen

Organizacija: Allianz in den Alpen
Stiki: Gabriele Greussing

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