Delavnica 13
FEEDING THE ALPS: Energy for Culture

Discussing a cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage as a central element of Alpine identity and a driver for sustainable economic growth

Session 13
Food heritage is a strong identity source for Alpine populations. It goes beyond products to include productive landscapes and traditional knowledge on production techniques, consumption customs and rituals, and the transmission of ancient wisdom.
Depopulation, ageing population and globalization put Alpine food heritage at risk of disappearing.
The session will discuss sustainable development models for peripheral mountain areas based on the preservation/valorization of Alpine cultural food heritage and on the adoption of innovative marketing and governance tools. It will also highlight the emerging of a transnational Alpine identity based on the common cultural values expressed in food heritage.
The session also will refer to a recent international debate (the 2013 UNESCO Convention) on the Intangible Cultural Heritage and part of discussion will be about the possibility to inscribe Alpine food heritage on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list as a traditional foodway.

Govorci: Cristina Cappellini, Assessore alle Culture, Identità e Autonomie della Regione Lombardia (tbc), Emily Rini, Assessore regionale all’istruzione e cultura della regione Valle d'Aosta, Renata Meazza, Direttore dell’Archivio di Etnografia e Storia Sociale della Regione Lombardia, Ilaria Guglielmetti, Dipartimento di Design del Politecnico di Milano, Prof. Benedetta Ubertazzi, Avvocato, Università Milano Bicocca
Voditelj: Cassiano Luminati, Direttore Polo Poschiavo

Organizacija: Polo Poschiavo (Switzerland) and Regione Lombardia (Italy)
Stiki: Cassiano Luminati

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