Session 9
Alpine Pasture Action: new methods for activity-based learning and opinion making

Puppet play and other alternative methods to learn about pastures and alpine biodiversity

Session 9
Biodiversity of alpine landscapes is one of the biggest treasures for alpine regions by providing the basics for and quality of life. We work on the improvement of teaching material and methods to enhance responsibility towards biodiversity and ecological understanding, and  promote actions for sustainable development. Furthermore we develop and test new forms of communication via awards, practitioner teaching and more. In the session we present an inspiring puppet play which picks up the contents of the Interreg project “Alpine Pasture Action”. This project shows  ways to counteract the negative development of alpine pastures by grazing activities with indigenous livestock breeds. We also introduce educational materials and alternative methods for effortless activity-based learning. Beyond that we present other innovative examples for new ways of opinion making. We want to share experiences and knowledge, connecting people, ideas and action.

Organisers: Bayerische Akademie für Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege (ANL)
Contact: Bettina Burkart-Aicher

Golf Resort Achental, Room Simssee