Session 6
Boosting Alpine communities

How to stimulate and mobilize bottom-up entrepreneurial activities and participatory strategies across the Alpine space

Session 6
The main objective of this session is to analyze and discuss how by stimulating and mobilizing bottom-up entrepreneurial activities and participatory strategies it is possible to work transversally in order to achieve durable and innovative solutions to existing socio-economic, developmental and institutional challenges across the Alpine space.
By focusing on 3 specific cases –in Switzerland- the workshop will evolve around three main specific objectives in order to better understand: The potential of youth entrepreneurship in activating and fostering creative and innovative processes in the alpine space; the importance of bridging civil society and public institutions in order to develop entrepreneurial actions and strategies in an efficient and coordinated manner, and; the necessity of defining bottom-up strategies that would enhance center-periphery cooperation and innovation.

Speakers: Prof. Siegfried Alberton (SUPSI), Dr. Stefan Lüthi (Hochschule Luzern HSLU), Dr. Ivan Ureta (SUPSI)

Organisers: University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland-SUPSI
Contact: Dr. Ivan Ureta

Kleiner Heftersaal