Session 17
Urban Mountains – a case for two

Highland and Lowland Interrelations in the Focus of Research and Culture

Session 17
With the European macro-regional Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) and its national implementations, the Alpine region will experience an immense extension on the governance level that will not remain without consequences for the self-perception and development potentials of the Alpine region in a more traditional sense. Starting from a relational understanding of space and in response to the lack of knowledge regarding the relationship between intra-Alpine areas (highlands) and peri-alpine settlement areas (lowlands) the section “Urban Mountains – a case for two” wants to contribute to a humanities and museums perspective on real and imaginary interrelations between mountain areas and the macro-region. “Urban Mountains” takes the claim of AlpWeek 2016 “Alps & people” that it is actor-centred seriously and integrates the three key issues proposed (demography, culture, and quality of life) by cross-linking, bringing together both experts in Alpine studies and in the transfer of knowledge in museums.

Speakers: Monika Gärtner, Museum Huber-Hus, Lech a.A. (AT), Friederike Kaiser, Alpines Museum des DAV, Munich (DE), Evelyn Reso, Touriseum Meran (IT), Andreas Rudigier, Vorarlberg Museum, Bregenz (AT)
Presenter: Beat Hächler, Alpines Museum, Bernhard Tschofen, University of Zurich

Organisers: ICAS Inter-academic Commission for Alpine Studies
Contact: Beat Hächler and Bernhard Tschofen

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