Sessione 29
Cambiamento climatico e piani di adattamento nelle regioni alpine

Come affrontare le ripercussioni socio-economiche del cambiamento climatico su turismo, salute e imprese

The session focuses on adaptation plans to climate changes in Alpine regions. It will primarily focus on environmenral, social and economic impacts of climate changes in 3 sectors that present common challenges to Alpine regions: tourism, health and businesses (SMEs).
Examples of already existing impacts in these 3 sectors will be shared among participants. Some tools for assesssing the vulnerability of territories will be presented and discussed. The need for additional networking activities among Alpine structures providing support to public authorities will be debated.

Interventi: Patrick Biard, Rhônalpénergie-Environnement, Sylvain Charlot (tbc), Atout France, Vincent Roger (tbc), COPLER

Organizzazione: Rhonalpenergie-Environnement
Contatto: Patrick Biard

Tourist information, Sitzungssaal