Session 5
Make the Alpine Space a better place to live!

The Interreg Alpine Space quiz about cooperation in the Alps

Session 5
Good food, beautiful nature, quiet surroundings. It is common to spot farmers working on the fields, children playing in school gardens, elderly people on bikes. Sometimes it is difficult to find an internet connection and one has to drive more than five kilometres to buy bread, but it is then possible to have a nice talk with the baker. In winter, ski touring offers access to wild landscape but you must heed the risk of avalanche.
These are some example of the daily reality of inhabitants of the Alps: 70 million people who study, work, live, face daily challenges, and interact to find common solutions. At the heart of Europe, the Alpine space is a diversified area with different cultures, languages and living conditions (from European metropolises to small isolated villages). How can we tackle the Alpine challenges stemming from this diversity and improve the living conditions in the Alps?
With its quiz, Interreg Alpine Space will show you how European cooperation in the Alps helps finding common solutions to Alpine challenges on the way towards innovative, low-carbon and livable Alps.

Intervenants: Thomas Fleury, Interreg Alpine Space
Présentateur: Cassiano Luminati, Regione Valposchiavo

Organisation: Interreg Alpine Space - Joint Secretariat
Contact: Julia Chenut

Golf Resort, Room Kaminzimmer