Session 27
Seeds of culture

Hemp: the new green gold and its potentials for sustainable alpine economy, culture and ecology

Hemp has been, since ancient times, an important resource in the alpine economy and culture. Since hemp is a plant with a thousand uses, it is today defined as the new ‘green gold’: its rediscovery in the Alpine region could be of great importance and involves various fields and research topics that deserve to be further investigated. In the light of these considerations, the session aims to discuss on the following main key issues:
– reintroduction of hemp cultivation in the Alpine region and its positive impacts on local environment and landscape
– analysis of the cultural aspects related to the presence of the hemp in the Alps both from historical and actual perspective
– presentation of case studies and local projects
– proposal of future economic and cultural opportunities, mostly related to the creation of a network between different actors/experiences throughout the Alps

Andrea Cottini, ARS.UNI.VCO Association – moderator (10 mins)

Beyond the agriculture: alpine hemp as a resource for territorial sustainable development. The SATIVA project
Stefania Cerutti, Università del Piemonte Orientale (20 mins)

Südtiroler HempSystem. The experience of Ecopassion
Christoph Kirchler, Ecopassion (20 mins)

CENTRAL HEMP Project: vision and aims
Filippo Favilli, EURAC RESEARCH (20 mins)

Debate, Question time and conclusions

Intervenants: Andrea Cottini, Stefania Cerutti, Christoph Kirchler, Filippo Favilli

Organisation: Associazione ARS.UNI.VCO (Associazione per lo Sviluppo della Cultura degli Studi Universitari e della Ricerca nel Verbano Cusio Ossola)
Contact: Andrea Cottini

Kleiner Heftersaal