Session 23

Making the Alps a profession? Which competences are needed in mountain regions? How can vocational and academic training be communicated and linked?

Regional development in the Alps requires specific knowledge and competence within and across professional and national boundaries. Correspondingly, the Alps represent a fascinating and exemplary space for learning and studying sustainability. This workshop defines requirements and profiles for « alpine professionals » and gathers information about existing courses.
We invite professionals and stakeholders working in alpine communities, trade associations, professional institutions, students and lecturers to discuss the following questions in a moderated workshop:
Which are typical tasks for alpine professionals?
What are the requirements of practitioners and employers?
How can professions and disciplines be linked?
How can practitioners and academia interact to mutual benefit?
How can transnational exchange among professionals be furthered?
Which courses & programs exist?
Which new formats are required?

Organisation: Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Forestry
Contact: Jörg Ewald

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