Session 2
Exemples de bonnes pratiques pour des projets d’énergies renouvelables respectant la nature et l’utilisation des sols dans l’espace alpin

Renewable energies play a key role in meeting the energy demands in the Alpine region. This key role needs to be gradually increased in order to successfully reach the transformation to a sustainable and CO2-neutral energy supply system. However, the implementation of renewable energy projects can go along with several spatial demands affecting natural habitats, the landscape or diverging interests of stakeholders. This can cause conflicts with nature and landscape protection, agriculture or forest management, tourism or with settlement and transport development in the Alps.

Exemplary renewable energy examples from the Alpine region that successfully avoided land use conflicts and best protect the nature will be presented and discussed. The examples have a clear focus on renewable energy systems (biomass, hydro, solar, wind, geothermal and combinations thereof) as well as smart grids and efficient energy storage.

Intervenants: Karin Svadlenak-Gomez (Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology FIWI of the Vetmeduni Vienna), Jakob Dietachmair (CIPRA International), Roberto Vaccaro (EURAC Research – Institute for Renewable Energy), local representatives of four Renewable Energy best practice examples

Organisation: BMUB / BMWi - blue! advancing european projects (als Projektträger)
Contact: Nina Kuenzer, blue! advancing european projects

Golf Resort – Room Geigelstein