Session 16
No to the abandonment of the mountains!

Analysis of the causes and possible remedies. The future of the mountains lies in the rediscovery of traditions.

After careful exploration and assessment of historical, climate and social causes related to the migration of mountain people, the possibilities to combat depopulation are analyzed as a first step in ensuring the maintenance of the landscape and the Alpine identity. In order to preserve the population and their cultures it is important to implement policy actions both at national and EU level. These must create opportunities for mountain people to continue living at high altitude, and these areas, too long neglected by the central powers of the European states, must be given decision-making power and financial autonomy again to ensure environmental and cultural specificity. The social causes and effects depopulation in the mountains are explored in detail. After an analysis of aspects such as a strongly conservative mentality and strong bureaucratic obstacles the most significant activities that can raise the socio-economic level in alpine areas mainly – agriculture, tourism, activities related to the environment, sports and crafts – are discussed and several proposals to remedy depopulation through a careful analysis of contingent situations are made. One of these is the revival of ancient crafts in a more contemporary perspective. In conclusion, a partially completed project called « Nature Center » is presented. It aims to be an example of how to ensure that mountain people keep their traditions and their roots.

Intervenants: Marinella Masala, International Study Center G.A.I.A., Maurizio Gai, planner and implementer of Centro Natura
Présentateur: Maurizio Gai, Director Internazional Study Center G.A.I.A.

Organisation: International Studies Center G.A.I.A.
Contact: Maurizio Gai

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