Session 12
Culture et créativité dans les Alpes – 2

Qui sont les « créatifs » dans les Alpes, où les trouver et comment transforment-ils la vie et le travail au quotidien, en phase avec les défis de la transition ?

Session 12
Cultural creatives is a social movement first studied in the USA by sociologists Ray and Anderson (2000), identifying countless organizations and groups discreetly working to shape the future, without being aware of their driving force.
Who and where are they in the Alps, and how do they transform everyday life?
The workshop aims to link the reading template of cultural creatives with the question of social innovation in the Alps, to understand how individuals and collectives create and experiment with ways of living, and work in tune to meet the challenges of transition.

Intervenants: Luisa Pedrazzini, Regione Lombardia, Bruno Zanon, University of Trento, Chiara Kirshner & Kirsten Koop, University of Grenoble, Julia Scharting, Innsbruck University, Barbara Wülser, CIPRA International

Organisation: ISCAR / LABEX ITEM
Contact: Philippe Bourdeau

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