Session 10
Ecological connectivity for the benefit of all

Learning from the Pilot Regions of Ecological Connectivity of the Alpine Convention

Session 10
In this session you will get to know tools and measures for improving ecological connectivity. This is a task for everybody! The first part of the session will be dedicated to a panel discussion highlighting examples of connectivity creation or restoration measures from different sectors. These examples have been implemented in the Pilot Regions of Ecological Connectivity of the Alpine Convention. During the second part of the session you will be invited to take part in a roll-play in several small groups, acting as a stakeholder in a local council meeting discussing the implementation of a new specific connectivity measure. Will the representative of the energy sector present the most convincing arguments? Who will dominate the discussion? What about the worries and questions/interventions of the local citizens? The results of the group work will be analyzed and summarized in a final discussion.

Présentateur: Bettina Hedden-Dunkhorst, Yann Kohler

Organisation: Platform Ecological Network of the Alpine Convention
Contact: Yann Kohler

Golf Resort Achental, Room Chiemsee