Session 1
The revival of resilient mountain communities

What constitutes a new model of “Alpine urbanism” or “live-work-play” in the Alps? The success story of Ostana, Piedmont, Italy: visual narratives, social networks and design solutions.

Session 1
This session presents a successful revival model of a mountain community that has faced a dramatic de-population crisis. We introduce community-led initiatives and open a dialogue on real-case challenges and solutions on multiple scales as transferable „recipes“ for other municipalities and institutions. We combine scientific knowledge in sustainable mountain development with the voices of Alpine inhabitants. The real-case example of Ostana, a community in the Piedmont mountains, is made tangible by different visualization forms – networks of initiatives, video stories of inhabitants, photography and collective art. We develop a laboratory for new mountain lifestyles on different scales, explore how the political framework can improve (social) integration processes of new entrants and attract the “best-fitting” people. We discuss the balance of cultural preservation and development in a critical way to enable the resilient revival of mountain communities. Alpine urbanism or urban alpinism – we approach these concepts together with the session participants and fed by the real-time real-world laboratory Ostana.

Session language will be English; the short movies from Ostana will be in Italian with English subtitles. In the session there will be native Italian, German and French speakers. Depending on the needs of the participants, the groups in the world cafe will discuss in different languages (with English summaries).

Intervenants: Enrica Alberti, Commune di Ostana, Melanie Rottmann, MonViso Institute, Ostana/Bolzano, Dr. Romano Wyss, EPFL Lausanne
Présentateur: Prof. Dr. Tobias Luthe, HTW Chur

Organisation: MonViso Institute (I), Gemeinde Ostana (Piemont, I), Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur (CH)
Contact: Prof. Dr. Tobias Luthe, University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, CH

Golf Resort, Room Simssee