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Field trip: 1

Cycling tour of the Achental

The Achental cycle route is clearly signposted and covers the entire valley from the Chiemsee to the border with Tyrol. The route takes in some stunning panoramic views of the Alpine foothills as it follows the course of the Tiroler Ache river and links moorland areas (Filzen) near the Chiemsee with the picturesque mountain valley.
> Full-day excursion


Field trip: 2

Corals reach new heights at the summit of the Hochfelln (1.674 m)

The cable-car ride takes you up to the summit of the Hochfelln. On arrival, panoramic views of the main arc of the Alps await you as you look to the south and, looking north, the rolling hills of the Alpine foothills with the Chiemsee. Take the circular summit trail with its geological and botanical educational trail to find out how corals and shells found their way to the summits of the Chiemgau mountains.
[Half-day excursion]


Field trip: 3

Chiemsee cruise to the islands of Herreninsel and Fraueninsel

The Chiemsee is renowned not just for its wonderful landscape of Alpine foothills, but particularly for its wealth of cultural assets. One of the best known is the Herrenchiemsee Palace, built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The classic among Chiemsee excursions is, without a doubt, a cruise complete with a visit of the palace followed by the trip to the Fraueninsel with its Benedictine abbey and romantic gardens.
[Full-day excursion]


Field trip: 4

Adventure cruise to the river delta of the Tiroler Achen

Find out more about the origins of the Chiemsee, but also its gradual decline, with a trip aboard the former harbour launch Birgit. Explore for yourself the waters of the deep-water area, what teeming aquatic life lives there, and admire the new land and the birdlife at the river delta of the Tiroler Achen.
[Half-day excursion]


Field trip: 5

Mountain forest in Achental

A hike with foresters of the Bavarian State Forest Enterprise
The Bavarian State Forest Enterprise is the largest land manager in the Bavarian alpine region. The management of the mountain forests by the Bavarian State Forest Enterprise significantly influences the landscape and has to integrate a wide array of interests. The requirements and demands of the people, the flora and fauna ought to be considered, protected and preserved in a balanced way. At the same time sustainable, multifunctional forest management provides - with the renewable resource wood - an important basis for a sustainable development in the region and jobs in this rural area. The excursion gives an insight into the work of the Bavarian State Forest Enterprise and a possibility for exchange and discussion around the topic of sustainable, multifunctional forest management.
[Half-day excursion]

Contact: Johannes Wurm, Bayerische Staatsforsten